When Trump came in to power, he set forth to undo all that was done by Obama and our forefathers. They truly made America great and a great place to live in. This unleashed, shameful, fake called Trump is killing ALL that is American and the American way. 

In doing so he has destroyed years of work with a few strokes of his pen and in many cases with a few tweets. He deregulated anything that touched the environment, he's rewriting all that touches immigration (in a very negative way), he's pushing away allies and embracing enemies and dictators.

He is KILLING America and all that it has stood for since its birth.

what are your thoughts on this....

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  • can’t stand what is happening to America and the world. this fake president is trying to take all that is good and turning it inside out. hes a demented maniac that needs to be stoped. go out and vote at midterms and control this raving, dangerous agressor !!!!!!!!!!

    jack james

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